Hodly Heroes is a multimedia & digital asset multiverse featuring a species of content creators in their eternal battle against a subversive and brainwashing intergalactic propaganda machine called Big Tube. Characters featured in episodes originate from different timelines (and blockchains) and intersect at opportune moments—the goal of Hodly Heroes collectibles is to create high-quality media that capitalizes on character moments.

<aside> 📢 Q1 2023: Season 2! The Ordinal 10. Launching as a Bitcoin Ordinal collection.



A Big Tube minion (supervisor) guarding over the controversy generated by the slave hodly audiences & creator.

A Big Tube minion (supervisor) guarding over the controversy generated by the slave hodly audiences & creator.

The Low-Down

The goal of Hodly Heroes is to create high quality, engaging, all-ages content that informs the public about the importance of financial and media decentralization, while building a strong community based on creative collaboration in the process.

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World-Buidling Collections

Pilot Season (Shitcoin): Building the Hodly Universe

S01 (NFTs): Hodly Heroes of Yestermorrow

S02 (BTC Inscriptions): The Ordinal 10

Spin-off: Tales from Rip Van Kilmer


The Hodly Heroes also has a sweet theme song called “Paradigm Shift” licensed to all owners of Hodly Heroes (great for listening while you scroll through this page):

Paradigm Shift (Hodly Hero Theme Song) by ILL-ESHA • Hodly Heroes

What’s Next

We’re selling Ordinals to fund a Bitcoin-focused science fiction cartoon calling out the bullsh*t of today’s centralized systems, in particular with media propaganda and money.

Ordinals Vignettes


“The Ordinal 10”

These 10 1/1 unique Hodly Heroes got zapped into a interdimensional portal and became 3,333 randomized NFTs. Lame! So it’s only natural that they were Ordinals before they were shitcoins. The Ordinal 10 are pure, having never touched any blockchain but Bitcoin’s. (And they never will touch another one!)

~1.3 BTC will produce the pilot episode, so collection pricing/release methodology will reflect this goal.

To see the pilot episode we’ll produce, visit Pilot