The PELE token is the native token to the Pelenia and will be used in variant of ways.

First and foremost, You will need to have the Token to access and take part in any Pelenia Portal

Staking on the DEX = Locking up our PELE tokens for an agreed time period to earn rewards (Warning: An un-bonding process will often take longer than an impulsive wave to the upside. if you intend to trade as well as stake Liquidity Pooling may be a better option)

Liquidity Pooling = Pegging an equal monetary value with Zilliqa to earn rewards weekly (Instant un-bonding but may result in impermanent loss, This is where one token may outperform another resulting in one becoming higher than the other. As toe term suggests this is temporary but is worth being mindful when looking to remove your tokens from the pool).

Rewards as mentioned above by staking or adding to the Liquidity Pool you will earn rewards in the form of PELE Tokens, Which can be traded on the DEX, to better your position as a PELE token HODLER or if you wish can be traded for another token of your choosing. The choice of what you

do with the rewards is entirely up to you. We would like to think we can guide you to a lees stressful financial situation as we venture together.