New to Pelenia? We’re a grassroots experiment in creating a storytelling media collective using web3. We’re a DAO that wants to see the technology put to good use, built by the community for the community, with no token sales or venture capital injections.

It’s been an educational few years, to say the least, and the collaborative platforms towards which we put our initial bull-run resources turned out to be more than we could handle. So we pressed pause to regroup, took a deep breath, and came up with a simple way that Pelenia and its $PELE token can engage storytelling communities.

Introducing Story Slots

Story Slots is a simple dApp for users to engage with and influence a creator’s storytelling process. It acts as a condensed representation of the Pelenia ecosystem. It will function side-by-side with our governance portal.


The Basics

A story slot is a multiple-option poll posted by a storyteller. Imagine an audience-influenced “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.” A story slot can be linked to an NFT in the storyteller’s wallet, allowing for the creation of a blockchain-backed story arc for a character.

In order to vote, participants must lock $PELE tokens into a “pool” behind their vote. This amount of tokens will reflect their potential rewards.

In order to start a new story slot, the storyteller must pay a small amount of ZIL.

Deadlines for these polls are consistent, every Sunday night (GMT).

Winners are the voters who selected the most popular option.

Rewards at the closing of the polls are distributed as follows:

Story Slots UX.jpeg

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. A storyteller submits a story slot.
  2. Participants vote on their favorite option by locking $PELE tokens into the story slot pool.
  3. When the deadline hits, rewards are distributed to all participants and storyteller.