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About the Scholarship

XX% of total $PELE supply will be allocated towards onboarding new users, creative and non, into participating with Pelenia DAO.

Preface from Paully

Hi friends!

When entering the cryptocurrency space, what I found particularly confusing was, erm, everything.

What the hell is a bear market? Proof-of-Steaks? Elliott wave, NFT, DeFi, etc etc. If you think about it from the perspective of an absolute n00b that doesn't have a clue about crypto, it's hard to understand anything because the terminology will intimidate you.

From my experience, it took a lot of time researching, watching technical analysis and Googling everything I didn't understand, and then Googling again just to make sure what I read the first time wasn’t a load of bollocks.

If it hadn't been for my tenacious nature and the fact that I'd lost half my investment, I'd have probably given up.

This leads me to why I put some time into this. I feel like a manual like this is massively important for newcomers into anything crypto-related. The crypto space is rapidly expanding and soon most sectors of society will have at least some connection to crypto.

Pelenia and $PELE works to expand into the content creation sector, which in crypto we call the “creator economy” because it is we, the creators, around which this economy revolves. The NFT craze and a flock of ambitious projects such as ours have introduced themselves over the past few years, and it will only increase with time.

The goal is for this manual to will help us grow as future hodlers, creators, and community members that will ultimately keep $PELE moving forward and stay true to its ethos of reclaiming storytelling from big money.

Content in this guide should be informative but interesting enough to keep people’s attention—it leads to free tokens, after all (and thus the Scholarship part). We could potentially adopt a pay-to-learn model, hold quizzes, and reward people for learning quickly by setting challenges.

Enjoy, friends.

Who is this guide for?

This guide must actively onboard both:

  1. creators who are interested in crowdfunding/sourcing their content and
  2. fans who want to be part of a creator’s community.