The PELE Portal can help you explore and share your ideas or works-in-progress with potential collaborators. Project submissions can attract creative partners, sponsors, talent, or anything else you may be seeking. It provides several flexible options for submissions.

Learn how to start collaborating, creating, organizing, and uploading your creative content. To get started with PELE:

Pelenia DAO

  1. Login into PELE Portal ( for exciting ways to collaborate and join groups with different networks.


  1. Enjoy using PELE Portal as you can find and connect with different gigs and content around the world. You can also send bids or share your creative content. (PELE PORTAL FIND: )


  1. Create content as many as you want and connect with different offers and groups. (PELE PORTAL CREATE: )


  1. You can also learn and improve your content using PELE Video Storytelling Guide provided by PELE Portal (



  1. Enjoy withdraw and deposit using $PELE Tokens! (

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